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The oldest fruit in the world. The Fig is Sacred Fruit in all religions & cultures. ıt is grown in Aegean Region of Anatolia. In The World. there is a unique fly (Blastophagas) which survives only 48 hours and is capable to pollinate the figs. In each fig there are hundreds of seeds that are genetically coded and capable to become a fig tree if planted. Apart from being a sacred fruit it is a great cure for human metabolism. The dietary fibers that figs contains, helps the digestion system to clean your body. ıt is a delicious and health food. We are porcessing the figs for the industries and the food services as wholes. diced and paste in the bulk packaging according to your requirements. For the retailers we have nmerous types of packings. Additionally with our Ready to Eat line we are able to process and pack high moisture fruits in various packing formats such as doypacksi traysi pillow packs etc.
Available AssortmentOrganic Lerida Diced Paste Liquid Paste GarlandReady to Eat LayerNatural Protoben Pulled
Available Packaging Pillow Pack Cellobags Doypack Plastic Tray Bulk (cartons) Cartonette Quadroseal
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