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Issue Date / Rev. No: 20.06.2018 / 00

              1. PURPOSE AND SCOPE:

1.1. KFC Gıda A.Ş. operates with its focus on respectful of human rights, within the framework of ethical principles and behavior, in accordance with the law, economic, environmental and social sustainability. It upholds human rights in its relations with employees and stakeholders and strives to establish respect for human rights across the society. Our Policy is consistent with the International Labor Organization’s conventions and the United Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

1.2.This Human Rights Policy is an inseparable part of the Bribery and Corruption Policy, Statement of Ethical, Social and Environmental Policy, Occupational Health and Safety Policy, Human Resources and all relevant documents which have been approved by the Senior Management and made public.
1.3. KFC Gıda A.Ş. Human Rights Policy covers primarily the employees, as well as business partners and suppliers. The rules outlined in the Policy is communicated to employees via annual training programs. Aside from its employees, the Company also communicates the Policy to its business partners and suppliers and expected to act in comply with the expectation and commitments.

              2. ROLES AND RESPONSIBLES:
Senior Management-General Manager:
General Manager is responsible for approving the Human Rights Policy, the supervision of the establishment and enforcement of the reporting, inspection and enforcement mechanisms put into place in case of failure to comply with the policy, rules and regulations.
Quality System Coordinator:
Quality System Coordinator is responsible for preparing, developing, executing and updating this policy.
Quality System Coordinator "Sonay Aras" has been appointed as the authorized person responsible for Human Rights.
Employees are responsible for,
• Adhering to and complying with KFC Gıda A.Ş. policies, regulations and procedures,
• Working in accordance with the legislation in force,
• Reporting any conduct, activity or practice contrary to this document to Personnel Responsible by e-mail ik@kfc.com.tr or by phone on 0232 831 35 05.

Business Partners and Suppliers:
Business partners and suppliers must comply with the principles of the policy and other relevant regulations. All relations are terminated with non-compliant persons and/or institutions. When working with suppliers, clients, joint ventures, and other partners, it is expected from them to respect human rights. It is essential that inspections are conducted to ensure compliance with the implementation principles of this policy and the relevant legislation.
Personnel Affairs Department:
The Personnel Affairs Department is responsible for the announcement and publication of all the personnel within the factory.

            3. POLICY STATEMENT:
3.1. In the scope of this Policy KFC Gıda; in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we adhere to the international declarations, principles, agreements and conventions that our country is a party of, in all our activities, and we place importance in respecting all the rights of our employees.
3.2. We make sure we treat our employees equally, presenting them equal opportunities without discrimination on the basis of religion, language, race, age, skin color, nationality, or social origin, and gender. Hiring, placement, training, and remuneration processes are carried out taking as the basis qualifications, performance, skills, and experience.
3.3. KFC Gıda doesn’t use any forced and/or child labor and modern slavery and human trafficking. We operate in compliance with the law, rules and regulations of Turkey.
3.4. We comply with applicable laws as a minimum standard with regard to working hours, holidays and overtime. We ensure that wages paid for standard working hours at least meet local legally mandated wage levels.
3.5. We respect our employees’ freedom of expression, right to collective bargaining and freedom of association and ensure compliance with applicable laws.
3.6. KFC Gıda places a special emphasis on creating the conditions and environment for all employees to work in a safe and healthy manner and performs all operations along the “zero accident” principle. KFC Gıda is committed to full compliance with international OHS principles and national legislation and regulations, we make sure that our employees’ awareness is increased concerning these issues and strives to deliver best practices which go beyond its statutory obligations.
3.7. We are committed to present a safe working environment for our employees, away from all harassment, abuse, exploitation, maltreatment, mobbing, harassment or violence. Any disciplinary matter will be dealt through proper procedures.
3.8. KFC Gıda attaches importance to stakeholder feedback and opinions on our Human Rights Policy. Feedback on Policy and possible Policy violations and unconformity are communicated to kfc@kfc.com.tr.

KFC Gıda tries to mitigate such effects in case its operations have a negative effect on human rights, when human rights come under risk, it contacts the authorities and takes the necessary measures.
The system in place ensures the anonymity of any denunciations of Policy violations.
Policy is reviewed once every year and the implementation of the Policy is monitored. In case stakeholders provide feedback on the Policy, taken action and Policy is revised.

In scope of the Policy, complaint management mechanism is available in order to compensate for any rights violations by KFC Gıda. When it deems necessary, consult expert advice and receive their opinions, after taking the necessary precautions to protect confidentiality during investigation. During the investigation, all the documents and information that it requests are given. All employees are under the obligation of assisting in this respect.
An employee expressing concerns in the scope of the Policy does not face any retaliation, and such notifications are received via procedures that protect anonymity.
In enforcing this Policy, the Company will take such disciplinary action as it deems appropriate, up to, and including, dismissal of the individual(s) responsible for breaches.

              6. PUBLIC DISCLOSURE
English and Turkish versions of the Policy have been shared with the general public via website. It is compulsory to share the Policy with all employees, stakeholders and the public, and the same goes for any future amendments to the Policy.

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