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KFC GIDA A.S. sets the standards for sun-dried tomatoes with various cuts and packings. Sun drying is an old tradition of Mediterranean for many different items. Harvested fresh tomatoes are cut and spread out undedr the Mediterranean sun for natura/ drying After drying, they are stared in aur awn cold starage roams ta maintain the beautiful red colar. This helps us ta have products available year-round with a consistent quality. Far Diff erent p rpases, we are processing the swn-dried tamataes as Halves, Julienne St rips and Diced . Dur Ready ta Eat (saft ) ar marinated products saves time and needs na f urt her process. We are able ta adjust the cut s, the maisture content, the colar and the packing according ta yaur requirements. Traditianally they are packed in different size vacuum packs ta maintain the freshness. And alsa we are marinating the sun dried tamataes in alive ail with different spices and herbs according ta yaur requir ments. The sun-dried t amataes are an excellent topping far the pizzas and alsa can be added in t he saups, casse roles, dips and tamata based dishes. it will ad d flavar and colar t a yaur recipes
Available AssortmentOrganic Ready Ta Eat Powder Semi-Dried Marinated
Available Packaging Vacuum BagsPlastic Pouches Glass Jars Plastic Tray Conventional
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