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KFC GIDA A.S.'s starting point in the food business has actual/y been with the sultanas / raisins. Turlcey has the most suitable climate conditions for growing of vine and is known as the origin of the vines. Growing grapes has been a part of culture in Anatolia for the centuries. We are proud of being Turkey's one of the largest dried fruits processers and export ers. Since 1993, we are serving a large customer portfolio from the world's largest groups with the measurable and redy-to-use specifications, absolute free flowing products, ready soaked fruits and many others t hat we have presented to the market. We always work with an innovative app roaching. With the imported processed fruits such as orange & lemon peels, glace cherries, pineapples, papaya, pea s, apples and many others. We are preparing fruit medleys both far the retaılers and industries. The dried fruits ana the fruit edleys are great additions to the breakfast cereals, chocolates, pastries cakes, sauce , salads and dresssings .
Available AssortmentSultanas Thompson Raisins Golden Bleached Sultanas Paste Paste & Liquid Paste Mixed Fruits Flavored RaisinsReady to Eat Organic Raisins / Sultanas
Available Packaging Pillow Pack Block Bottom with Zipper Quadroseal Cannister Block Bottom Gusset Top Block Bottom Roll Top Doypack Bag in Box Bulk (cartons)
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