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The Apricots are grown in south east Turkey. They are freshly harvested when ripe and then pitted traditionally to dry under the sun. The raw materials are transported to our plant and stored in our warehouses until processing in our modern facility. We have various packaging alternatives for industrieds, food services and retailers. In bulk packaging, we are processing as wholes, diced and paste according to your requirements. As in retails size packs, we have a wide range of packaging from cellophane packs to RTE packs. The Apricots are very good for the digestion system and a natural treatment for human body. They are great for snacking and baking and also great additions to yogurt, ice cream, deserts, cake and salads...
Available AssortmentWhole Diced Liquid Paste RTE Natural PasteOrganic
Available Packaging Block Bottom Roll Top Tubs Plastic Tray Quadroseal Block Bottom Gusset Top Block Bottom with Zipper Doypack Bulk (cartons) Cartonette Pillow Pack
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